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  • A brief, to the point, easy to apply 38 video online course you can learn from at any time and in any place and is immediate to apply. You can listen to the lessons in your car, and watch short video clips, so you will still benefit even without training. You can practice the mental part even when you are stuck in traffic, having lunch or waiting in line at the supermarket . . . and no one has to know!
  • In this dynamic video course, former Israeli Army sergeant Mirav Tarkka shows women how to take their safety into their own hands. Designed to instill confidence, awareness and practical skills, this comprehensive guide details how to avoid danger from the outset – and how to handle yourself if a threat occurs. The series of short videos outlines exercises and strategies that draw on her powerful insights as one of the world's only female self-defense instructors. Combining her personal experience and training in martial arts, criminology and psychology, these easy-to-apply techniques can be used by any woman, anywhere. The emphasis is on practical training, using everyday activities and situations to ensure that in an emergency these core survival skills drop into place automatically. From showing how to use body language and conversation to disarm an aggressor, to taking control in a life-threatening engagement, this empowering course enables women to feel capable and safe in every situation.