//The Missing Prince Charming

The Missing Prince Charming

The Fairy Tale

When I was little, I never dreamt of prince charming coming to save me or be my hero. I simply didn’t think I needed, or would ever need, saving. That is why years later, my broken heart from my “missing prince charming” shocked me.
We have all been there. Disappointed, hurt, sadly surprised by our partners in our lives that didn’t stand up for us, didn’t protect us, not because we necessarily needed that protection, but because we wanted to feel important to that person. Important enough for him to want nothing bad to ever happen to us. Important enough to care if something did. That doesn’t make us weak, or needy, or naggy. It makes us… human. But, as much as I too would like to live in the time of fairy tales, prince charming doesn’t really exist. Real heroes are very rare, and – as much as you might have a partner or a figure in your life you feel you can count on 100%, you are mistaken. The only person you can always count on 100% is… you.

Holding Out For A Hero?

Do you know what will happen if you shout “help” or “fire”? Most people would run away. Save themselves. Don’t make that face (I see you!), it is completely natural! Who would you save in times of danger; yourself and your family or a stranger? Even a friend? I rest my case.
It could be that you happen to be alone, could be that the other person is simply unavailable, far away or hurt! You can’t leave things to “luck”, or to wishful thinking. If you need a hero, whenever you may need one, then become one.
Becoming your own hero (okay, heroine!) doesn’t mean you can’t have weaknesses or even that you have to work on those weaknesses. On the contrary- all you have to do is recognize them. Accept them and accept yourself. Being your own hero means getting the strongest, most powerful and empowered VERSION OF YOU while keeping yourself… the same. Working out your body to become physically stronger, your mind to become mentally stronger, your spirit, your love to yourself, your confidence, your knowledge, and skills. Keeping your awareness sky high to keep yourself safe and protected. Knowing how to protect yourself and your children if needed. Not waiting for anyone to save you. You don’t need someone else to do that for you anyway.

Your Happy Ending

Everyone talks about empowrment, about female empowerment and about women becoming stronger. It is not a world mission, it is a personal mission. It is about you becoming stronger, the strongest – now. It is about you being completely independent – now. It is about you, and only you, feeling really, really good about yourself. That is empowerment. And that will change the world.
“The missing man” is not about a man who is not there to save you, it is the lack of need for one. You need no one but yourself. Wanting one – well… that’s something else 🙂

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