//Big girls don´t cry, they fight back!

Big girls don´t cry, they fight back!

This week I want to focus specifically on two things. As you know I have designed a course particularly for women at work . You might also be aware that I attach a lot of importance to psychological training in self defense. I´m going to tell you the story of a client of mine that illustrates why this important and how my courses work in practice. I have changed the clients name to protect her identity.

You may not be aware of how big a part psychology plays in your training but consider this.

Mind, body and spirit

Human beings are not just bodies. They are spiritual, mentally complex beings and this psychological aspect is extremely important when it comes to defending ourselves and preferably avoiding becoming a victim in the first place – the ideal goal.

The best case scenario is never to become that victim right? Never to be chosen by the aggressor looking for his next attack. To become the classic “Hard Target” (or maybe an impossible one!). It is all about psychology. Yours and the aggressors. It is also about energies, yours and the aggressors. If they “match” (their frequencies), you will be chosen. Just like in a love story… and if the energies don’t match, you will not be chosen.

Simple as that. Tackling this is where self defense begins.

Now let´s take a look at the course I have designed especially for women at work.

Why the Working Woman?

Among women, murder is the leading cause of death from a workplace injury.

Whether you work as a nurse, a doctor, a psychologist, a policewoman, a lawyer, in a supermarket, in a bank, in a bar, as a model, as an actress, as a stewardess . . . anything that involves you being within physical “contact distance” (up to 7 meters) of another person, you MUST know how to defend yourself! And you must always be able to act in two different ways: you either hurt the attacker moderately (i.e. sufficiently to to stop the attack and/or allow your escape), or you hurt him fatally (causing death). The third option, which is for you to get severely injured or even killed, should not even be a possibility in your mind. To illustrate my point I´d like to tell you a story based on a real life client of mine.

Why act now?

Charlotte is a well known Cardiologist in San Francisco. People come to see her from all over the world looking for solutions for their problems. Unfortunately sometimes she has to deliver some bad news, and that affects her very much emotionally. Being so badly affected has exposed her (energetically) to potential attacks (see “the law of attraction” chapter…) Over and above this, her patients are often overwhelmed with their sadness and sometimes things can get out of hand.

Being such a busy woman, plus also having a family to take care of, she has very little time to train herself or to even read, but she knows that needing to protect her life, especially considering the job she has, she has to find a solution. She is often alone with patients who can get very emotional, yet she can’t hurt them due to her professional ethics and the fact that self-defense has very thin lines, especially in America. And that is when she found me.

I gave Charlotte some one to one counselling after she read “The Working Woman” e book, and sent her some short video tutorials she could watch on her phone and apply immediately when needed. The information in the book and on the videos had already shifted her energy field (frequencies) and her mindset to a protective one, she started seeing things differently, and being more aware of her patients’ body language and speech. She modified her clinic to be safer, with her desk facing the door, an alarm underneath the table and a few magazines (innocent looking improvised weapon) next to her. She started playing memory games with the skills she learnt, sharpening her situational awareness, and practised her leg and arm movements when brushing her teeth in front of the mirror. She did what she could with the little time she had. She did all she could to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Then, the test day came………….

Find out in my next article how Charlotte coped and what she did when her fears became a reality.

If you would like to purchase my course for women at work you can do so HERE

The accompanying book, which can be used seperately, is also available on Kindle HERE 

Stay safe

Mirav x

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