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My mission is to empower you and give you the skills that make you feel confident, capable and in control in every situation. I want to show you that there are no limits to what you can do when you believe in yourself.

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1305, 2018


We all love to be liked, and we women especially love to please. And in our minds, if we say NO, we won’t be liked.

So often we say yes, even when it costs us. How many times have you ended up doing something you didn’t want to do because you couldn’t say no? Why is it that we put other people’s will before our own? And how does that relate to self-defense? (more…)

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“Her courses aren’t just about the moves you might use if attacked in the street, they’re about mental strength. When you do your push ups and situps and other military fitness exercises with her, you’re likely to have water thrown at you, or the other participants pulling and pushing you: you learn to fight on, ignoring distraction and discomfort. It’s what makes the courses ideal for anyone preparing for a major life challenge, whether it be a marathon, a mountain climb or even a change of career.”

Jonathan Freman, Tatler Magazine
“Mirav offers a great balance and combination between Psychology, Criminology, Physiology and NLP. It’s a fantastic, realistic, dynamic, take no prisoners training program. Not for the fainted hearted, but more women should definitely empower themselves through this type of training. Very refreshing to be trained by a kick-ass woman in the mostly male dominated discipline.”
Yolande Herbst, Criminologist and Human Behavior analysist
“Great technical preparation that unites the mind and sacrifice: these are Mirav’s skills. During the interview, she impressed us with her charsima, her strength and her vast experience and physical capabilities. Mirav’s knowledge is like non other; no one else comes close to her in Italy. Her methods are simply unique and very current.”
Pamela Villani, Corriere Salentino
“She is young, small and fast with a contagious smile and an unusual selfconfidence.”
“One of my most beautiful moments was to have met and trained with one extraordinary woman…very professional from a technical and psychological point of view. Loads of knowledge. She showed me how a beautiful woman can preserve her femininity while being strong and courageous and face her fears.”
Dany Kant
“When I met her, I was in a place in my life in which I felt very weak, very belittled. After two hours of training, laughing, shouting and even playing, I felt like a new person. She didn’t ‘discover’ my inner strength, she reminded me I had it all the time and I just needed to ‘pull the trigger’.”
Alex F.
“Training with Mirav is like falling in love – before you know it you are doing things you never thought you would do before, and feeling like you have never felt before.”
Shani M.
“As a woman, it is difficult to find someone to understand your emotional and physical state when you are attacked. It takes one to know one, and her ‘no-bullshit’ attitude helps to make you feel you are in good hands.”
Sandra C
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